Friday, March 25, 2011

Why don't the Nelso sites appear in the Blekko index?

Techmeme linked to an article about upstart search engine Blekko today, which prompted me to take another look at the site.

Like any good entrepreneur, I immediately did a vanity search to see how the Nelso sites ranked for common search terms like "Prague bars" or "Copenhagen hotels". I didn't expect to see at the top of the first page, but I was surprised to find that Blekko doesn't index any content from any of the Nelso sites.

From the article linked above:
We have a full Web crawl. Come to Blekko, type /date and you can see the sites going in in real time. Our whole crawl is about 3 billion pages. It's not as big as Google or Bing's index, but we biased it to what we think are the best pages.

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