Saturday, September 26, 2009

How to find the UDID on your iPhone (for Nelso beta testers)

To find the UDID on your iPhone (which we will need to include you as a beta tester for the Nelso iPhone app), complete the following steps:

Open iTunes, and on the left side, choose the iPhone or iPod Touch you want to use for testing under "Devices":

Choose your device

Select the "Summary" tab in the right window pane:

click on Summary tab

Find the "Serial Number" text next to the picture of your device:

Click on the words "Serial Number" and your UDID will appear:

You don't need to select the UDID itself to copy it. To copy it, just press command + C on your Mac's keyboard (or control + C in Windows). The UDID will now be on your clipboard, and you can then use "Paste" in any other program to paste the UDID. Send the UDID to us by email and we can add you to our list of authorized beta testers.