Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Luxury brands and local search

Take a look at the top 15 search terms on Google sending traffic to Nelso.cz for the month of February, 2011. Notice a pattern?
  1. louis vuitton praha
    Luxury luggage and other leather goods
  2. iworld praha
    Mac, iPhone, and iPad dealer, i.e. luxury computers
  3. burberry praha
    Luxury clothing
  4. swarovski praha
    Jewelry and crystal
  5. hlavní nádraží praha
    Prague main train station
  6. big sister
    Famous Prague brothel
  7. gucci praha
    World famous luxury brand
  8. h&m praha
  9. pekařství paul
    Luxury bakery
  10. frey wille bratislava
    Luxury watches and jewelry
  11. fendi praha
    World famous luxury brand
  12. hapu bar
    Cocktail bar
  13. prada praha
    Luxury women's clothing
  14. sushi palladium
  15. jazz praha
    I'm assuming this is a search for live jazz in Prague, rather than a search for stores selling jazz music
There are quite a number of luxury goods related searches in this list. I don't have a good explanation for this, other than the fact that many of these brands have Flash-heavy sites that probably aren't indexed well by search engines.

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