Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Demand Media traffic down 40 precent

According to an article at Forbes.com, traffic to the Demand Media sites is down 40% since the Google "Panda" update aimed at reducing the prominence of content farms in search results.

This just further confirms my belief that the way Nelso collects business data, by actually going out into the street to verify every listing, will pay off in the long run.


Paco said...

Jack, and your traffic is how after Panda ?
I mean international not Czech

Jack DeNeut said...

Initially traffic was down quite a bit, but is now back up to normal levels.

Nelso is the definition of "quality" content, so I was a bit disappointed that we haven't see a large *increase* in traffic from the Panda update.

Paco said...

Well, even to keep it at normal levels is great!
Would "like it" but can't do from here, no button :)