Sunday, August 10, 2008

Nikon announces Coolpix P6000 with built-in GPS

I'm surprised it took this long, but Nikon has finally announced a compact camera with built-in GPS, theCoolpix P6000. As far as I know, this is the first high-quality camera from Nikon or Canon that has built in GPS, a feature that has been available on cameraphones for at least two years.

Having cameras with built-in GPS would definitely make the data-gathering process easier for Nelso, and would allow us to ditch our current system of Nikon D40s combined with Garmin 60Csx GPS receivers. However, the question that needs answering is: how accurate will the GPS be in these cameras? We need consistent accuracy better than 8 meters (26 feet) to be usable for mapping a city like Paris where businesses are very close to each other. I'm skeptical that this new Nikon will be able to accomplish this, except under ideal conditions.

We've already got our pre-order in for a P6000 at Amazon. We'll do some tests of the accuracy and post the results here once we get our hands on one of these cameras.

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