Saturday, April 17, 2010

Ranking in Malmö after one hour

Although Google certainly has an impressive algorithm for ranking pages in its index, I think the real strength of Google's search is the speed and depth of its indexing.

We've recently photographed the entire Malmö, Sweden city center, and we're now in the process of getting these new places into the Nelso database. An entry made one hour ago, Restaurang Bollywood, has already been indexed by Google, and already ranks fairly well (#5).

This is astounding. One could hardly call Nelso a major site, and the fact that Google still monitors our site constantly for new content shows how serious they are about having the best search on the internet. Yahoo! and Bing would likely be more significant sources of traffic for Nelso if they would index us as well as Google.

UPDATE (Dec 8, 2010): Eight months later, we no longer rank on the first page for the specific restaurant, but we do rank #2 for our category listing for Indian restaurants.

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