Saturday, December 5, 2009

Popular Travel Searches in Denmark - Google Zeitgeist 2009

The Google Zeitgeist 2009 for Denmark is out, and of course we took an interest in the most popular travel related searches for the year.

The top 10 researched places for Danish travelers in 2009 were:
  1. United States
  2. Rom (Rome, Italy)
  3. Thailand
  4. London
  5. Paris
  6. Tyrkiet (Turkey)
  7. Egypten (Egypt)
  8. Island (Iceland)
  9. Berlin
  10. New York

Not a lot of surprises here - two spots for the U.S., the big European capitals, and some popular "sun and sand" destinations. The only outlier is Iceland, which I don't normally think of as a popular vacation spot. But we might initiate coverage anyway; Reykjavík is smaller than Brno, Czech Republic. Of course, it will have to wait for summer. Reykjavík has only a little more than four hours of sunlight per day in winter, which would make photographing the city difficult.

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Jóhann said...

The Icelandic outlier can perhaps partly be explained by the high number of Icelandic people living in Denmark.

Otherwise I suggest you travel here (yes, I am in Reykjavik) yourself and see the sights. The lack of sunlight in winter is made up for by dazzling northern light,(and the dazzling nightclub lights). might be the best way to find a cheap flight to Iceland.