Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Google Zeitgeist 2009 - Czech Republic

Google didn't provide a list of the most popular travel searches for the Czech Republic (unlike Denmark), but they did provide a list of the most popular searches on Google Maps Czech Republic.
  1. hotel
  2. restaurace (restaurants)
  3. ubytování (accommodation)
  4. úřad práce (employment office)
  5. pošta (post office)
  6. airport
  7. mhd (public transport)
  8. firmy (business)
  9. poliklinika (medical clinic)
  10. metro (subway)

A large number of these are either definitely travel related searches (airport, hotel, accommodation) or possibly travel related searches (restaurants, public transport). Many of the top "Yellow Pages"-type searches (plumber, lawyer, locksmith) don't appear on the list at all.

A sign that this is the list for 2009, and not, say, 2007, is the appearance of "employment office" in the #4 spot. Hopefully, that will fall off the list next year.

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