Saturday, July 5, 2008

20 most popular places on for June 2008

The twenty most popular businesses on for June 2008, in terms of page views, were as follows:
  1. Sahara Cafe
  2. Restaurace Kozička
  3. Směnárna
  4. Pivnice U Zlatého Tygra
  5. Cinema City Palác Flóra
  6. Change
  7. Olšanka Hotel
  8. Restaurace a Sportbar U Zábranských
  9. Cinema City Metropole Zličín
  10. One Love Tattoo shop
  11. John and George Café & Restaurant
  12. Bloody Blue Tattoo
  13. Poliklinika Revoluční
  14. Letňany Lagoon
  15. Darling Cabaret
  16. Restaurace & Bar & Zahradka Legenda
  17. Restaurant - Club Lisboa
  18. Tattoo Alien Studio
  19. Donjoy - Zdravotnická Prodejna
  20. Koupaliště Petynka

There are no less than three (#10, #12, and #18) Prague tattoo parlors that appear in the top 20. One often thinks of local search in terms of bars and restaurants, but only seven of the top 20 are in the "food and drink" category.

One distinct change in this list versus earlier in the year is the appearance of three Prague swimming pools on the list (I'm including the swimming pool at the Olšanka Hotel, as it's known more for its pool than its hotel). What will be the most popular winter spots?

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