Thursday, February 21, 2008

Quick Review: Cowboys Steakhouse in Prague

Filet Mignon

Went last night to Cowboys Steakhouse in Prague (part of the Kampa Group) with my mom, Kamila, and Radek. Kamila and I haven't been there since it opened, so she was eager for another visit as she's a big steak fan.

Bar Area at Cowboys RestaurantThe first thing my mom commented on was the decor - having grown up on a farm, she knows a fair bit about cows. She couldn't help but point out that the black and white spotted upholstery in the restaurant is the coloring of a Holstein cow, which is a dairy cow, not a cow you make into steaks.

The good news for my mom was that Cowboys is now a completely non-smoking restaurant, which is still somewhat unusual in Prague. I can understand the thinking behind this decision - Cowboys serves mostly expats and tourists, and they don't want their 1000 CZK steak ruined by the cigarette smoke wafting in from the next table.

Steak TartarKamila had the Steak Tartar to start (did I mention that she really likes meat?) and pronounced it to be some of the best she's had. Radek had some tuna dish, but I didn't ask him what he thought of it. My mom and I made do with the little bread squares in olive oil that were placed on our table.

Cheeseburger at Cowboys Restaurant in PragueAs for the main course, Kamila and Radek had the Filet Mignon (see photo above), my mom chose the American T-bone, and I went with the cheeseburger. All the steaks were excellent (according to my dining companions), and my cheeseburger was very good (but I don't eat cheeseburgers very often, so I may not be the best person to judge).

We didn't have dessert, choosing instead to wander down Nerudova for a coffee at the newly opened Starbucks in Prague.

Wine and WaterSo, we had very good food, and the service was attentive. The only issue was, of course, price. If you eat at Cowboys, and order a starter, some wine, and a steak, plan on spending at least 1500 CZK ($85.00) per person. I'll definitely return, but for a regular night out, $200 for two is a bit steep for my tastes.

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