Thursday, July 23, 2009

We want to test Google AdManager, so we're giving away free ads on Nelso

Nelso has just started testing Google AdManager, and to help us get a better feel for its capabilities (e.g. what does "deliver as quickly as possible" really mean in AdManager?), we've decided to give away free advertising space on Nelso to anyone that sends us a properly formatted ad.

Nelso gets a lot of traffic by operating in more than 10 languages, so we'd also like to see some ads that are not in English (but ads in English are also fine). We're using a somewhat unusual ad format, based on the format Yelp uses for category sponsorships. The ads run at the top of the page, and are 915x35 pixels. You can see an example of this format here.

Send your 915x35 pixel creative, and the URL you want for click-throughs to and we'll get your ad up as soon as we can.

We of course won't accept every ad (no adult themes, illegal activity, etc. please) and we can't guarantee how many impressions you get (that will depend largely on how many ads we get), but you can't beat the price: free.

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