Thursday, February 12, 2009

Nelso now supports OpenID on all its sites

Nelso has implemented OpenID as an alternative to logging in using a Nelso account.

What this means in practice is that you can now log in to Nelso to add a business with your Google Gmail account, your Yahoo! account, or any other OpenID-enabled account you may have on the web. In the Czech Republic, Seznam has enabled OpenID on all its accounts, so if you have a Seznam account, you can log in to Nelso with that username and password and you'll never need to remember a different password for Nelso.

To make OpenID even easier to use, we've added clickable links to log in using accounts on major portals, so you don't have to remember the endpoint URL for your OpenID provider (didn't understand that? That's exactly why we've added these clickable links).

Check out the new Nelso login page to see how logging in to Nelso is now much easier than it was before.

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